Meet the Owner

Dr. Tiffany E. Wicks, Ed.D, MS, LCPC-S, NCC

I have a Doctorate of Education from Johns Hopkins University, a Masters in Counseling from Southern Methodist University. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in Texas, Maryland and Connecticut. Over the years I have supported people across the lifespan in many different settings such as schools, agencies, and now private practice. My other professional endeavors include two other therapy practices across the nation, and I am the host of a scholarly journal based on equity and open access research for the community. Additionally, I am an adjunct professor of psychology and graduate counseling courses at two universities on the East Coast.

I am a wife to my husband of seven years and a mother to my five-year old daughter and one-year old son.

My Story

Push Counseling was founded based my experience as one of many birthing people who suffer in silence during the perinatal period. During my early postpartum months, I was suicidal, depressed, and was hoping I could “push through.” I felt as though this was what was expected of me. Once I finally sought therapy, I couldn’t find a clinician who knew about this issue in motherhood and was affordable. While I found help and healing, I was determined for other parents to not have to search far and wide to be well. Therefore, I used my license and my passion to start a private therapy practice focused on perinatal issues.

Push started in 2018 in Dallas, TX to help other birthers know they are not alone in this. Push Baltimore is the second location in the franchise. The goal is to have a practice that was accessible to birthing people and mothers so there was a place to get help with the specific issues related to pregnancy and postpartum. Through the years, we’ve learned that there is not just one issue in parenting and there is so much that isn’t talked about in parenting circles. We have to start sharing about the struggles so that we can develop a sense of community and tear down the stigma of getting help for parenting issues.

What Tiffany want you to know

"You don't have to do this alone. We were never meant to."