Sari Overby

Licensed Certified Social Worker-Clinical

Sari the Therapist


Hello, my name is Sari Overby and I have been practicing Social Work for 12 years+. I have worked In a variety of settings such as schools, group homes, foster care, and outpatient mental health. My experience includes being both a therapist and Clinical Supervisor specializing in trauma for children and families. I use mindfulness, CBT, reality therapy, and behavioral interventions to support clients during difficult times in their lives.


As I began my new role as a mother, I realized the lack of resources available to women and families during this huge life transition. There is a stigma that surrounds mental health during the perinatal period and as parents we need to normalize the struggle we all experience. I want to be able to support those families with fertility struggles, pregnant mothers, birthing mothers, transitioning into motherhood and continuing on as parents. My practice style comes from a strengths- based and client- centered approach. Every individual has different needs and we will explore how to best help you achieve your goals during our time together.


I am very excited to meet you and support you during this time of your life!


Sari the Mommy


I am a solo mother to a wild, imaginative 4 year old daughter and a silly, active 1 year old son. Becoming a mother has been the greatest and most intense experience. My journey to motherhood was not a traditional route which left me with feelings of grief, anxiety, sadness, and hope to work through before even becoming a mother.


I was not prepared for the intense happiness, exhaustion, and worry that goes along with motherhood. Every day is different, but we are surviving…and should I say sometimes even thriving?! Even though it’s so hard, I love my role as mommy.


My kids are so loved and feel the love everyday. Sometimes it is hard to see how that simple statement is all that our kids need. I am here to remind you that you are doing amazing. Just reaching out speaks volumes to how amazing you are doing. Remember, just keep swimming…