• Anna Maling

Mother’s Day Thoughts

Updated: Feb 22

By Anna Collins Maling, MA, LGPC, NCC


Mother’s Day is a complex holiday. When looking through social media, there are posts acknowledging this fact. There are those grieving mothers lost, children lost, expectations of motherhood unfulfilled and more. Some mothers are posting about the gifts they received while feeling resentful and underappreciated. Others are feeling excluding from claiming the title “mother.” Those navigating infertility may feel vulnerable and raw in their ongoing grief.

For myself, the phrase “the child who made me a mom” is one that always gives me pangs of sadness. My son is a rainbow baby. The baby I lost during the miscarriage is the one that “made me a mom.” During Mother’s Day, I felt grateful, appreciative and also sad. There is space for all of these things.

You deserve the space to feel however you do about Mother’s Day (or any other day of the year). Your feelings and thoughts are valid and justified. At Push Baltimore, we honor and support you.

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